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Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat Plus

Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat Plus

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250g - Powder Supplement - Approx 2+ month supply for most dogs

Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat Plus is a natural supplement that nourishes your dog's skin and coat from the inside out.

Our blend of bee pollen, turmeric, and coconut oil is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants.

We offer a money-back VIP Guarantee*, and will even buy you a competitor's product if you are not satisfied. Giving your dog the gift of a beautiful, healthy coat with Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat Plus is easy. It's a powder you simply sprinkle onto your dog’s food once a day - perfect for kibble or raw diets plus each bag lasts approximately 2 months.

100% Active Ingredients. No fillers. No preservatives. No dyes.

We believe in using only the best and most effective ingredients in our products. That's why our Skin & Coat Plus is made with 100% active ingredients, meaning there are no fillers or unnecessary additives. You can be confident that your dog is getting the full benefits of our powerful formula with each serving.

And, to keep your Skin & Coat Plus fresh and effective for longer, we've included a foil lining and a resealable bag to ensure that each serving is as powerful as the first.


(Yes, there really are only 3 ingredients!)

Let your dog experience the benefits of our natural formula for yourself - order Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat Plus now!


Dog Agility Competitor, Judge, and multi-time Team Canada Coach Aaron Froude tried Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat Plus with his Border Collie Crave and said

"Super convenient to add to the dog's diet. Crave had dry skin with lots of itching for a long time, which I thought was an allergy to a food ingredient, so I tried switching the luck! After starting Dog-Eh! Skin and Coat Plus daily, after a short time, the issues and itchiness have gone!"


Veterinary Health Product (VHP) Notification Number (NN) NN.B0U1
Allergies are a serious issue and should always be discussed with your veterinarian. This supplement should never be used as a treatment during emergency situations such as anaphylaxis. Our skin & coat plus doesn't negate the need to keep your dog away from and/or to stop ingesting their allergen. This human-grade, limited ingredient, no fillers dog supplement was created to assist with symptoms similar to those displayed by allergy-suffering dogs. Slowly integrate this into your dog's diet by adding a little more to their food each day until you reach the suggested serving size. 
Do not use in pregnant, lactating animals and/or animals with gastrointestinal ulceration.
Do not use in animals receiving other drugs unless directed by a veterinarian.
Do not use in animals allergic to pollen or bee products.
*The Dog-Eh! VIP Guarantee is applicable to first-time purchases only per supplement category. Our purchase of a competitor's product of your choosing must be in the same product category and of equal or lesser value. If more than one supplement of the same kind is purchased on the first order, all can be refunded upon the customer's request during the first 60 days after purchase but Dog-Eh! will buy no more than a single competitor's product of the customers choosing.
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