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Dog-Eh! Helping you and your dog
make the most of every day together.

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Our VIP Guarantee

We stand behind our products.

If you are unsatisfied within 60 days of your purchase, contact us at and we'll give you a full refund and buy you a competitor's product of your choosing*

*The Dog-Eh! VIP Guarantee is applicable to first-time purchases of supplements only. Applicable to customer's first purchase only per supplement category, otherwise our standard return policy applies. Our purchase of a competitor's product of your choosing must be in the same product category and of equal or lesser value. If more than one supplement of the same kind is purchased on the first order, all can be refunded upon the customer's request during the first 60 days after purchase but Dog-Eh! will buy no more than a single competitor's product of the customer's choosing. Product cannot be returned at retail stores for our VIP Guarantee and customer must email with a copy of their receipt.


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"My dogs have been taking this for 3-4 weeks and I'm already noticing that my older guys don't get as sore after a workout."

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Dog Trainer

"My dog was diagnosed 5yrs ago with trauma induced, asymmetrical arthritis in her hips. We've gone through all types of supplements and they either have horrible lower GI effects, or blatantly didn't work. I was preparing myself as I contemplated the inevitable. I'm forever grateful to Dog-Eh! Your Joint Support has easily increased her mobility by a third without any adverse GI effects!"

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Team Canada Dog Agility Competitor & Coach

"Super convenient to add to the dog's diet. Crave had dry skin with lots of itching for a long time, which I thought was an allergy to a food ingredient, so I tried switching the luck! After starting Dog-Eh! Skin and Coat Plus daily, after a short time, the issues and itchiness have gone!"

Dog Sport Enthusiast & Competitor

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Every Dog-Eh! supplement is a Health Canada approved Veterinary Health Product

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Limited ingredients.

100% natural ingredients.

No fillers

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Dog-Eh! supplements are proudly made in Canada

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Industry-leading guarantee

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Our package manufacturing is proudly powered by 100% renewable energy

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We create 75% less waste compared to conventional package manufacturing through printing optimizations

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Shipping our stand-up pouches is 9x more environmentally friendly compared to plastic containers

Our commitment to dogs extends beyond just the products we create -

We're also commited to creating a better tomorrow for dogs and their families.

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