The Origin Story of Dog-Eh!: A Tale of Two Dog-Loving Co-Founders

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The story of Dog-Eh! begins with two dog-loving co-founders, Frank and Amanda. Frank's lifelong love for animals and Amanda's experience in dog training, behavior, and nutrition brought them together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite living 22 hours apart, they found each other through a personal development seminar and quickly became accountability partners. Their mutual passion for dogs and entrepreneurship led them to co-found Dog-Eh! - a brand dedicated to helping dogs live their best lives.

Frank's background in the Canadian government proved useful in bringing Dog-Eh! Supplements to life, while Amanda's vast knowledge of dog training and nutrition helped shape the brand's vision. In fact, some of the very ingredients in Dog-Eh! Joint Support are what Amanda attributes her border collie lab cross "Bear" living to be 18.5yrs old!

It wasn't long before they settled on the name "Dog-Eh!", a playful Canadian twist on the term "doggy". Although they had never met in person, their passion for dogs and business savvy allowed them to create a successful brand that has helped many dogs.

Their journey culminated in March 2022 when Frank and Amanda finally met in person after over a year of co-founding Dog-Eh!. From humble beginnings to a successful business, the story of Dog-Eh! is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and a shared love for dogs.

How can this increase your sales?

As a sales employee, you can use the heartwarming story of Dog-Eh! to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Share the story of our co-founders, Frank and Amanda, and how their passion for dogs led them to create a brand dedicated to helping dogs live their best lives.

Remind your customers that every Dog-Eh! Supplement is made with love and expertise, and that they're supporting a brand with a heartwarming origin story. By connecting with your customers on an emotional level, you'll increase their loyalty to Dog-Eh! and generate more supplement sales.

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