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Turmeric for Dogs: Clinical Studies Show Benefits for Allergies and Skin & Coat Health

Turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory spice, has been shown in clinical studies to improve allergy symptoms and promote healthy skin and coat in dogs.

The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been found to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which can lead to a range of health issues in dogs. When combined with other natural supplements like bee pollen and coconut oil, turmeric can provide even greater benefits for your furry friend.

Read on to learn more about the clinical studies that support the use of turmeric for dogs.

Turmeric Scientific Studies

Antipruritic Armamentarium with Short Term Nutritional Support Solution Involving Slymarin and Curcumin for Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs

This study was conducted on dogs with skin allergies to see if a combination of curcumin (turmeric) and silymarin (a compound from milk thistle) could reduce their itching. The dogs were given the treatment for one week and their itching was measured using a scale. The results showed that the treatment significantly reduced itching compared to a placebo. The researchers suggest that this natural treatment could potentially replace immunosuppressive medications for managing skin allergies in dogs.

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Ural, K. , Gültekin, M. , Erdoğan, S. & Erdoğan, H. (2021). Antipruritic armamentarium with short term nutritional support solution involving slymarin and curcumin for atopic dermatitis in dogs . Veterinary Journal of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University , 6 (1) , 8-13 . DOI: 10.24880/maeuvfd.762776

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidative Effect of Curcumin in Connective Tissue Type Mast Cell

This study looked at the effect of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, on canine cutaneous mastocytoma mast cells. The results showed that curcumin had a strong anti-inflammatory effect and reduced the release of certain substances that cause inflammation, without being toxic to the cells. Additionally, curcumin was found to reduce oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation, which can contribute to chronic inflammation. These findings suggest that turmeric containing curcumin may be beneficial for dogs with chronic inflammation-related diseases.

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Hirofumi Nishikawa, Jinsyo Tsutsumi, Seiichi Kitani,
Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect of curcumin in connective tissue type mast cell, Journal of Functional Foods, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013, Pages 763-772, ISSN 1756-4646

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