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DIY Water Bottle Dog Toy

Looking for a new toy for your dog? Many dogs like toys with crunchy, crackling sounds. A DIY water bottle dog toy is a fun craft for you and your dog!

Materials Needed:

  • An empty, clean, plastic water bottle

  • Scissors

  • Sock

  • Small treats or kibble (optional)

Step 1

Remove the water bottle label, lid, and the plastic circle just below the lid. These items can pose choking hazards if they are not removed. The plastic circle just below the lid is most easily removed with scissors.

Step 2 (optional)

If your dog needs to be enticed to play with the toy, take some kibble or small dog treats and put them inside the water bottle.

Step 3

Put the water bottle about halfway into the sock and tie a small knot in the bottom of the sock. Pull the sock the rest of the way over the water bottle and tie a knot at the top. If your sock isn't long enough to tie a knot on both ends, just tie a knot at the top of the water bottle

Step 4

Give the new toy you just made to your dog! Remember, like all toys your dog should always be supervised while playing with it. The toy should be removed when damaged so your dog doesn't hurt themself on broken plastic or ingest the sock or plastic.


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