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A Favourite Dog Health Book

We are all looking for ways to help our dogs live longer. "The Forever Dog" claims to "reveal how to delay aging and provide a long, happy, healthy life for our canine companions". The book is full of science-based information and proves to be a great read with sometimes overwhelming amounts of information.

The Authors

Authors Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Shaw Becker are two of the world's most popular and trusted pet-care advocates.

Rodney's first TEDx talk on pet health stands as the highest viewed TED talk in history pertaining to dogs and is the founder of Planet Paws - the world's largest pet health page on Facebook.

Dr. Karen Shaw Becker is the first veterinarian to give a TEDx talk on species appropriate nutrition and is the most followed vet on social media.

Check out "The Forever Dog" here


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