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January 17, 2022

North Forge East features Dog-Eh!

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North Forge East Dog-Eh! Article

January 12, 2022

VoyagePheonix magazine interviewed Dog-Eh! and their inspiring story of launching a business in the midst of a pandemic.

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January 5, 2022

Innisfil Today announces the launch of Dog-Eh! Supplements

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Celebrity Shout-Outs

Dean Cain

Actor - Superman

Gary Reasons

2x Super Bowl Champion

Football TV Analyst

Randy Couture

6x UFC Champion

Actor - The Expendables

The Company

During a global pandemic when many businesses were closing their doors, Dog-Eh! was born. Inspired by their love for dogs and fueled by their passion to serve the dog community, our co-founders saw a need for limited ingredient, human-grade dog supplements. Dog-Eh! is a fun, modern, Canadian brand that puts your dog’s health as the central focus for everything we do.

The co-founders' previous experience in government regulations, sales, dog sports, and business combine to form a truly strong and well-rounded Canadian business union. They created Dog-Eh! to make a difference in dogs’ lives with simple, healthy products that are safe and easy to use.

Dog-Eh! Founders

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Dog-Eh! Joint Support


Dog-Eh! Metabolism Support


Dog-Eh! Skin & Coat


All supplements are a powder that can easily be sprinkled on your dog's meal (kibble or raw based food) once a day

Our supplements are born from a place of love for dogs and their health while making it easy and accessible for their human family.

Our human-grade dog supplements are made in a Canadian manufacturing facility. Not only are our ingredients thoughtfully sourced, but each ingredient is also tested to ensure quality from start to finish. But all of this means nothing if the ingredients break down sitting on a store shelf or in your home. All of our supplements are packaged in an aluminum foil-lined stand-up pouch that stops natural lights from breaking down the ingredients which helps to maintain maximum benefits for your dog. Each package is resealable for ease of use and to maintain maximum freshness.

Dog-Eh! Manufacturing Infographic

We Care About the Environment

Dog-Eh! Evironment Infographic

Dog-Eh! cares about the environment. Our packages are produced by an industry-leading manufacturer of eco-friendly packaging. They've worked to reduce their waste by 75% and the size of the packaging is optimized to create as little waste as possible and the entire process is powered by renewable energy from wind, solar, and low-impact hydro sources.

By using stand-up pouches for our packaging we're reducing the raw materials and energy needed in our package manufacturing when compared to plastic or glass containers. Stand-up pouches also weigh significantly less meaning less fuel consumption during transportation and they take up less room so fewer vehicles are needed to transport our supplements. Glass and some plastic containers are more likely to break, which also saves potential product waste. From a safety standpoint, we would never want to put your dog at risk of being near broken glass if our packaging took a tumble.

Dog-Eh! Packaging Made with the Environment in Mind
Amanda Wattie
Frank Fuchs

Our Founders

Amanda Wattie and her dogs
Amanda Wattie and Hershey

Amanda Wattie

An accomplished and highly decorated athlete, Amanda has trained with and been coached by figure skating Olympic medalists and dog agility World Champions. She has translated her vast competitive figure skating experience into dog agility, having placed top three on local, regional, and national levels.

Amanda recognizes the importance of proper nutrition in a dog's sport career as well as with their overall health and longevity as everyday family members. She gives her own dogs supplements and sees the results first-hand in their health and performance. Amanda’s passion for the health and performance of her animals is a huge part of what drives our product development.

This short bio was approved by Amanda's three dogs: Hershey (a Husky Border Collie cross), Winnie (a Border Collie), and Joey the Muppet (a Shih Tzu Poodle cross).

Amanda Wattie
Frank Fuchs

Frank Fuchs

Frank is a former government employee from a family of animal lovers, having many different pets in the house while growing up.  His current furry companion is Remington, a Husky Pyrenees cross.

His unique expertise in legal and regulatory fields along with his postgraduate studies in international management help facilitate daily business functions. Frank's post-secondary focus on marketing and virtual teams will provide additional expertise and guidance as he and Amanda run Dog-Eh! from two different provinces.

Franch Fuch dog Remi
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