Joint Support


Joint Support with Powder.png

Our Joint Support can promote healthy joint movement and cartilage maintenance to keep your dog active longer. This can be particularly important for large breed and sport dogs. Our Joint Support is particularly beneficial for senior and geriatric dogs increasing their mobility and everyday comfort.


Our blend of green-lipped mussels, red algae, and turmeric provide these benefits and more:

  • Helps with joint movement

  • Aids in cartilage maintenance

  • Reduces joint pain

  • Reduces inflammation

The above benefits are in addition to the many vitamins and minerals within our human-grade, limited ingredient, no fillers dog supplement. As when adding anything new to your dog's diet, it's recommended to consult with your veterinarian first. Slowly integrate this into your dog's diet by adding a little more to their food each day until you reach the recommended daily feeding instructions on the back of the package.

Veterinary Health Product (VHP) Notification Number (NN) NN.T8H6

Do not use in animals receiving other drugs and/or has liver or lung disease unless directed by a veterinarian.

Do not use in pregnant, lactating animals and/or animals with gastrointestinal ulceration.

Dog-Eh Quality

Our supplements are born from a place of love for dogs and their health while making it easy and accessible for their human family.

Our human-grade dog supplements are made in a Canadian manufacturing facility. Not only are our ingredients thoughtfully sourced, but each ingredient is also tested to ensure quality from start to finish. But all of this means nothing if the ingredients break down sitting on a store shelf or in your home. All of our supplements are packaged in an aluminum foil-lined stand-up pouch that stops natural lights from breaking down the ingredients which helps to maintain maximum benefits for your dog. Each package is resealable for ease of use and to maintain maximum freshness.